Omni Shoreham Hotel

Conducting business during renovations under any circumstance is difficult for an owner or tenant. However, combined with the added complexities associated with a historic renovation of major portions, the task could easily become overwhelming. The multi-phased Omni Shoreham and Parkview Hotel Renovation had yet one more obstacle to overcome – its “tenants” were paying customers, accustomed to first-class amenities and conveniences, who could have easily taken their business elsewhere during the term of the project.

The scope for this downtown property included extensive restoration of an 800-room hotel, 100-room annex, a large main lobby, ornate ballrooms and landscape lighting. As a fully operating hotel, the schedule for Mona’s electrical construction, which included removal and installation of switchgear, was unalterable. Mona provided careful system coordination to prevent lapses in power to fire alarm systems, kitchens and other essential functions. The electrical construction was performed under severe limitations concerning noise, dust and accessibility to public areas including elevators and other impediments. In acknowledgement of the numerous challenges mastered throughout this project, Mona was recognized with a Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award.