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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

The new NOAA Center for Climate and Weather Prediction building is located within M Square, a 130-acre research park adjacent to the University of Maryland. This highly sustainable building will be built for LEED Silver certification, Level Four (ISC/FPS) security criteria, and the assurance of their 24/7 mission critical needs.

From the entrance to the site, the building’s main entrance lobby is clearly visible. The pavilion containing the auditorium is lower and designed to reflect a human scale. Building amenities for the tenant include a private delicatessen, fitness center and shuttle to the near by College Park Metro station. The parking garage and surface parking areas are located at the East side of the site. The garage will accommodate 667 vehicles and the surface lot 33 vehicles.

Over 50% of the roof surface is covered with a green roof. The provision of a green roof will not only identify the project as exciting and innovative, but will also help to reduce long term costs by providing additional insulation and protection of the roof membrane.