Electrical Service Group

Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Capabilities


Our fire alarm design/build capabilities provide our clients with a complete and seamless process from design through installation and final approval. We provide value engineering to guarantee the highest quality for the best value.


  • Fire Alarm: From tenant improvements to emergency replacements to complete system upgrades, Mona’s technicians are qualified to install anywhere from one device to the entire system.


  • Fire Alarm: Our technicians have experience with traditional hard-wire systems as well as state-of-the-art, addressable systems. Mona’s 24/7 emergency service guarantees that a qualified technician will be on site to remedy the situation in a timely manner.
  • Sprinkler: Our sprinkler fitters service, repair or replace sprinkler systems/standpipe; control valves; tamper/waterflow alarms; alarm valves; check valves; preaction/deluge valves; dry pipe valves/quick-opening devices; pressure reducing and relief valves; fire department connections and fire pump’s.

Testing and Maintenance (NFPA 25 and 72)

Mona has experienced NICET certified testing crews that are dedicated to testing to guarantee that clients receive the most accurate reports. These reports fully detail the status of your system, including any deficiencies that need to be repaired immediately or in the near future. Our testing crew has the capability to address and tend to any immediate problems on site.

Integrated Systems

Is your fire alarm system integrated with your energy management system? Mona is experienced with maintaining, testing and repairing integrated systems that have extensive smoke control interfaces between fire and HVAC systems.