Electrical Service Group


Disaster Recovery back to top

When the unthinkable happens, Mona’s 24/7 disaster recovery team responds to emergency situations with professional technicians trained to handle any of your disaster situations. Our 24 hour call center ensures that our emergency response team, proper equipment, and disaster recovery vehicles arrive to your site as soon as possible. Mona has been providing emergency response and disaster recovery for critical systems since the 1960’s. Disaster Recovery services include:

  • Flood and Water Damages
  • Bus Duct Blow-Up
  • Fire Damage
  • Disaster Recovery Truck

Tenant Improvements/Fit-Outs back to top

Mona’s experienced technicians deliver quality customer service for all of your tenant’s electrical needs. Occupied tenant improvements are executed with minimal distractions, enabling your tenants to maintain productivity. From proposal through completion, Mona’s highly skilled teams can handle even your most technically challenging projects. Capabilities include:

  • Corporate offices: law firms, information technology companies, bio-tech businesses
  • Fast track tenant projects
  • Medical, research and clean-room facilities
  • Complete Electrical backbone Replacement
  • High-end, complex projects
  • Design/Build

Generators back to top

Mona’s factory trained, experienced generator technicians provide unsurpassed reliability for your emergency power system. Generator services include:

  • Generator Maintenance Contracts
  • Load bank testing
  • Load evaluation studies
  • Transfer switch: maintenance, installation
  • Fire pump service, repair service, and testing
  • Engine service and repair
  • Rental
  • New load tie-in
  • Generator Design and Engineering
  • Competitive bids for new systems

Generator Preventative Maintenance back to top

Mona’s PM Contracts are performed by qualified, trained generator technicians (not fluid changers). The same technicians who service your equipment contract will respond in the event of an emergency call for optimal quality of service. We provide annual oil, fuel, water and air filter replacements and coolant replacement, per manufacturer specifications.

PLEASE NOTE: The air filter is typically the most expensive filter and is often not replaced by other service companies. The integrity of this filter has a direct effect on fuel efficiency and the performance of your equipment.

Switchgear Services back to top

Backed up with formal education, vast hands-on switchgear experience, state-of-the-art testing equipment and an outstanding safety record, Mona is the best choice for servicing your main electrical switch, motor control center and electrical service components. Switchgear service include:

  • Metering
  • Monitoring
  • Final tenant connections
  • Design, installation and service
  • Load Studies
  • Fuse inventory services
  • Circuit breaker testing
  • Ground fault relay testing
  • Ground system testing
  • Phase loss protection
  • Transient voltage surge suppression
  • SCADA Systems
  • Integral building power change outs
  • Paralleling switches
  • Replacements / Upgrades
  • Disaster Recovery

Switchgear Preventative Maintenance back to top

Our customers receive the following value-added services when they contract Mona for our Switchgear PM program:

  • Pre-Job Walk Through performed by a certified technician to explain PM procedures, project scope and engineering
  • Pre-Job Generator Inspection to perform any minor maintenance on your emergency generators to ensure proper function of the system in the event of a power outage
  • Minor Repairs are included in the Switchgear PM Contract and will be done during the inspection on any small deficiencies such as missing knock out blanks, breaker blanks and multiple load wires on single pole breakers
  • Follow-Up will be done the next business day to discuss the inspection service and address possible concerns
  • A Detailed, Comprehensive Report will be provided to include the building’s equipment list, test results, deficiencies and a detailed proposal for any recommended repairs

Power Quality back to top

The results of power quality testing and reporting are only as good as the reporter. Mona’s Power Quality Professionals are certified by the Association of Energy Engineers, which enables us to provide our customers with the most accurate and comprehensive reporting in the industry. Services include:

  • Ground Fault Testing
  • Phase/Volt Monitoring
  • Harmonic Studies
  • Disturbance monitoring
  • Ground Testing
  • Lightning investigation
  • Load surveys
  • Load balancing
  • Meggar Testing
  • EMF Testing
  • Power Fitters
  • Power Conditioners
  • Transient voltage surge suppressors
  • Phase loss/voltage protection
  • Power factor recording
  • Baseline reporting
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Computer Calculations
  • Complete written reporting

Infrared Thermography back to top

Our certified technicians are experienced with today’s latest infrared camera technology to locate hot spots and find early indications of problems and deficiencies. With energy costs eating up about 30% of the typical building’s operating budget, heat loss inspection is a hot item on Mona’s infrared program. Using extremely sensitive equipment, we can find out if your money is just “slipping through the cracks.” Services include:

  • Baseline Reporting
  • Electrical Distribution Equipment
  • Generator Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Specialized investigation
  • Heat loss inspections

UPS Power Systems back to top

Mona’s certified service technicians perform the following diagnostics and services that will keep your backup power systems working when you need them most:

  • Load Evaluation Studies
  • New load tie-in
  • Ground System Testing
  • Power Quality Testing
  • Infrared Testing
  • Battery Testing
  • Rigging and Hauling
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Design Bundle
  • Competitive bids for new systems

Site Lighting back to top

Mona’s certified technicians can service all of your site lighting needs including:

  • Design and Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • 42' working height
  • Annual or Semi-annual visits
  • licensed technicians
  • Holiday decorations

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis back to top

Arc Flash hazards are a serious source of workplace injuries, and Mona Electric Group, Inc. is able to provide Arc Flash Hazard Analysis with an experienced in-house engineering team and a large staff of certified electricians. The analysis can assist in addressing worker safety in full compliance with OSHA, decrease the risk of liability due to electrical accidents, and increase the availability of building insurance.

An Arc Flash is an explosive event that releases massive amounts of energy, vaporizing metal components in temperatures 4 times that of the sun’s surface, and blasting debris in all directions at speeds exceeding 700 MPH. This explosive event can destroy the equipment involved, cause severe injury or death to bystanders or workers, and cause significant building downtime and loss of revenue.

OSHA requires you to assess all hazards when working on energized electrical equipment and to provide proper personal protective equipment. The best solution to mitigate those hazards is to have an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis performed. Mona Arc Flash Analysis Includes:

  • Electrical Distribution Equipment Survey
  • Arc Flash Labels
  • Engineered Analysis Report
  • As-Built Riser Diagram

Critical Facility Servicesback to top

Mona’s Critical Facility Services team understands the importance of working in facilities where electrical disruptions are not an option. We specialize in data centers, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other critical services facilities. Our technicians are specifically trained to understand the importance of the facilities in which they work and to identify potential issues prior to performing work. Our technicians know the importance of following protocols and they understand the potential impacts if they are not followed. Mona’s Critical Facilities Services team has the proper tools and equipment to work in these facilities and safety is our #1 priority. Our services include:

  • Engineering Services
  • Data Center Tenant Fit out
  • Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Installation of Electric Distribution Equipment (PDU, UPS, RPP, etc.)
  • Installation of Branch Power (overhead busway, underfloor whips)
  • Installation of overhead or underfloor conveyance
  • Testing and Voltage Verification
  • Equipment Commissioning